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This white paper introduces Neko Token ($NEKO), a groundbreaking cryptocurrency built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Neko Token aims to bring trust, transparency, and innovative tokenomics to the crypto community while providing a unique and enjoyable experience for its holders. This white paper provides a comprehensive overview of the project's tokenomics, goals, and solutions, highlighting its commitment to

community engagement and sustainable growth.


Neko Token strives to differentiate itself from other projects in the crypto market by exemplifying integrity, authenticity, and strong project management. With an experienced team at the helm, Neko Token aims to foster a genuine connection with the community, creating an inclusive environment where every member feels valued. Furthermore woth our mission to save cats, the token contract is meticulously designed to ensure long-term sustainability and eliminate the need for the team to sell project tokens to fund donations, marketing, partnerships, or development initiatives.

Tokenomics and Tax Breakdown:

Neko Token operates on the Binance Smart Chain and incorporates a 8% buy and sell tax on each transaction. The tax distribution is structured as follows:

1% reward paid in $NEKO

This was added as a fun incentive for holders to hodl their tokens longer. The idea is to create excitement watching your balance go up every time you check your wallet.

3% Burn: To incentivize token holders to maintain their investments, Neko Token implements a burning mechanism that gradually reduces the token supply. With every transaction, a portion of $NEKO tokens is burned, leading to increased scarcity and the potential for enhanced value appreciation.

4% Marketing, Development, and Team: This portion of the transaction tax is allocated towards marketing campaigns, development efforts, and the Neko Token team. To ensure transparency and prevent token dumping, the team receives their compensation in BNB tokens instead of $NEKO tokens.

Token Supply and Wallet Limitations:

The initial total token supply of Neko Token is set at 777,000,000 $NEKO. To prevent early investors from obtaining an unfair advantage and causing detrimental price fluctuations, a maximum wallet limit of 1% of the total supply (7,770,000 $NEKO) was implemented. This function will be removed as we get to a higher market cap.

(Now has been removed)

Project Goals and Problem Solving:

Neko Token aims to revolutionize the crypto community by serving as a model of honesty and reliability. The project's primary objective is to establish a sustainable and engaging meme coin that will put our transaction fees to good work, saving cats. The token contract design incentivizes holding, steadily reducing the token supply and bolstering liquidity with consistent trading volume.

To address concerns regarding early investor manipulation, Neko Token implements protective measures, including the aforementioned wallet limitation and a smaller initial token supply. This ensures clarity and allows for attainable price targets, enhancing investor confidence and excitement.

Furthermore, Neko Token focuses on community building, striving to establish a strong foundation. Community feedback is highly valued, and once 500 holders are attained, a community vote will be conducted to review and potentially adjust the existing tax structure.

The project will maintain a transparent and accountable approach, as the team remains visible and committed to the project's success. There are no plans to renounce the contract, as the team's trustworthiness and dedication render such a measure unnecessary. Scammers and detractors will be actively identified and addressed, while negativity and unnecessary FUD will be moderated and blocked.

Future Considerations:

In the future, Neko Token may explore opportunities for centralized exchange (CEX) listings and additional decentralized exchanges (DEX) if deemed beneficial for the community.


Neko Token is driven by a passion for creating an exceptional project that enriches its community members both financially and experientially. The project's core values of trust, transparency, and community engagement guide its every decision. By implementing innovative tokenomics, fostering genuine connections, and delivering sustainable growth, Neko Token aims to inspire hope and instill confidence in the crypto market.

Join us on our journey as we revolutionize the meme coin space with Neko Token!

Disclaimer: This white paper is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. Potential investors should conduct thorough research and exercise caution before participating in any cryptocurrency project.